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  1. New joiner from France

    haha well I'm kind of an old school guy, so I only had youngtimers so far, this 206 is my most recent car. Before that my most recent car was a Toyota MR2 mk2 from 1991 haha . So it's more about being lost with on board control systems, electronic shits etc. This anti-pollution fault and downgraded mode would have never happen on my old CRX. Besides having an OBD II interface, I can't do much with electronics, so I need a garage. Do you get 5% discount on every authorized Peugeot dealer and on every work they do with the club membership?
  2. New joiner from France

    Ty vole mluvis dobre! I hope I can handle Czech one day as well as you handle French. My girlfriend speaks French so it doesn't help, I only get to really practice my Czech when I visit her familly in Uherske Hradiste and get some domaci shots I know well Radotin, good track but average karts...I used to go to Cerny Most too, home made karts, sliding track, but I think it closed down right? I'd like to try Cheb in summer. Any other address in Praha? Definitly if you guys organize some motokary events, count me in, even more if it's not with English speaking people. No need to talk when we race anyway Last but not least of my questions. I used to have an English speaking garage called Tukec servis, not far from Prague. They're not bad but I wonder if you have better/cheaper addresses, even if they don't speak English?
  3. New joiner from France

    Je suppose que tu es francais? Sinon chapeau bas pour ton niveau de language Let's stick to English maybe for the rest of the people. I don't know anyone working in an STK, so if some of you guys know a "flexible" STK around Prague, please let me know Otherwise I'll get a new cat to pass the STK and will install a decat right after. Anyone here riding a 206 RC and doing some track days? I'm also a motorbike and a motokary fan, I do some laps with a bunch of expats friends. Anyone here interested?
  4. New joiner from France

    Longue histoire Pour Erasmus, le temps de rencontrer ma copine, le peu d'envie d'habiter en France et l'ambiance de Prague et la CZ en général. Je me sens chez moi ici, même en ne parlant pas très bien tchèque. Il y a 4 ans c'était simple de trouver un job en parlant français / anglais. C'est toujours simple, mais un peu moins aujourd'hui je pense. Après 3 ans chez Accenture, je pars chez SABMiller (Pilsner Urquell entre autres) en Mars. Budu pracovat pro pivo, na pivo a s pivem
  5. New joiner from France

    Salut les gars! Thanks for the welcoming Well the cat removal cost 2 to 3 times cheaper than a genuine cat converter. Besides, it usually moves the torque curve to higher rpm, especially on this engine. The torque lost down is given back on the top, perfect for track usage. It would solve my problem and fit well with a gr.N complete exhaust. By security I would anyway change also the ignition coils, lambda and IAT sensor as the OBD gives me both failure codes, even after a reset. I know each country has different tolerance towards emission controls that's why I ask. France is pretty flexible with emissions. I never passed any STK in CZ, I heard from friends that it can pass without a cat, it all depends on the center where you go, if they're strict or not, if they know you, if your kids go to school together etcetc
  6. New joiner from France

    Ahoj guys! I'll try to participate more in Czech discussions but to introduce myself I'll stick to English. Stale ucim se Cesky... My name is Andre, I'm from Paris's suburbs, I've been living in Prague for more than 4 years already and I ride a 206 RC (or GTI 180 for the UK folks). I bought it in Prague with an electronic / catalytic converter problem. The engine runs on downgraded mode randomly and I have a metallic popopopop noise that sounds a lot like a un-burned gas blowing in the exhaust pipe. Could be ignition together with catalytic converter...I'm still investigating. I plan to remove the catalytic converter anyway as I will prepare and use the car mostly for track days. But I'd like to keep it "legal" to drive it normally and pass the STK. How strict is the STK now? And specifically on emissions? Can a car pass without a katalyzator? Because without a catlytic converter I don't think I'll be in the normal values of emission. Dik!