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  1. What I\'ve done in the past, for example my nightmare with ElectroWorld. I sent a formal, non-emotional business letter to the headquarters via FedX. I sent it to the President, and the heads of marketing and sales personally.. you can usually find the key personnel on the company\'s web pages. At the end of this letter, I say something like \" It doesn\'t hurt meto shop elsewhere.. \" I\'m little afraid of the ramifications if I say \"and I\'ll be sure to let my friends on FB, etc.. know about your great customer support\".. don\'t know, maybe it will help but I sorta doubt it. Good luck with this.. I\'m really sorry you\'re having this experience. BTW.. mine\'s a 2003/307hdi and the clutch went out at 90K km, catalytic at 102k km.. My feeling may be that AAA Auto (where I bought it) rolled back the kms but I\'m not sure.. no way to tell. Other than that, it\'s been good.