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  1. Thanks again I will wait to see if they asnwer, if not, sooner than later it will die and then they will have to repair it, then my camera will be ready for the photo shoot while it gets loaded onto the recovery vehicle
  2. Prevodovka !!

  3. I called UK but they cannot help France tried to help when the possibilty of media involvement was mentioned, now they dont reply No one replies to me VIN No and ALL details always sent UK has Customer Services , Czech Republic do not
  4. I took my car to AV Cars, Praha 6 on Tuesday 23-04 because I have serious concerns for the safety of my family and of its condition for the safety of other road users, also to show Mr ***** that it is actually faulty. I managed to persuade him out for a short test drive which at first he said there is nothing wrong, but then I drove it to show him and he heard the noise and vibrations from the gearbox, (see videos) but he could not say where it came from? He also stated for me to use another dealer (great customer services again here) and that it drives at the moment (meaning it works even though there are problems). I asked him what will be done and he said he would write to Mr *&&&*, head technicain. That was yesterday afternoon and I have not heard anything back form any of them with my emails and in that list is top directors in Czech Republic, a PR Manager in France and various staff within AV cars. Here is a list all issues since the repair 2 weeks ago; 1: Severe noise and vibrations from the gearbox in all gears since its repair! 2; Steering of the vehicle is becoming difficult, this was never there before its repair? 3; Suspension making knocking noises, this I never heard before its repair? 4; Front drivers side brakes squeaking, this I never heard before its repair? The issue with the accelerator is still there even though they have “switched off” the DCT? Also I am awaiting a new windscreen, as agreed with AV Cars as they damaged the original one during the last repair. Now there is a distinct new noise of wind noise when driving around 70 KPH, again this was never there before! A PR manager from Peugeot Head Office in Paris told me Tuesday 23-04 to go to the media and publicise my story regarding this issue because I asked if they had received my emails, he got annoyed when I said I have been registering these issues for 21 months now, amazing how they think and work, obviously they dont care anything for the customer! Basically NO ONE from Peugeot or its dealers have responded to any of my emails, even having now proven without a doubt that the car is faulty! I have attached 1 x work sheet from last week and x2 videos for you to view and listen to of first gear & in neutral, but similar sounds and vibrations are in all gears! >> http://sdrv.ms/ZkpOaT Any ideas how to proceed with this issue would be gratefully received. Neil
  5. Hello I have a new Peugeot 207 SW car, well now 21 months old and since new it has had gearbox issues and noises, also it had to have a new clutch at 3 months old! They have always stated the noise is \"a characteristic of the car” and there is nothing wrong with it! A quote and I have it in writing from the salesman in Federal Cars “it is even worse in the 308’s”, so I should be grateful I think, not! Eventually this year after many visits and complaints from me regarding these issues, with the head technician from Peugeot for Czech Republic we took it for a test drive and he stated there is nothing wrong with it, BUT because of my concerns for the security of the gearbox they will strip the gearbox and check it under warranty, EVEN though there is nothing wrong with it, to which I asked “why would you do this if there is nothing wrong it” to which he replied “I knew you would ask this” but no concrete answer, only “do you want it done or not”? Two weeks ago I took my car to AV Cars, Prague 6 to have the gearbox removed and repaired, this took 4 days and what do I receive in return, yes a car with a gearbox noisier and with more vibrations then before! Thanks for this as it only strengthens my case! But they still insist there is nothing wrong it, even when the customer service manager went for a test drive with me and his reply to my comment it is worse than before was only “super”! I told them this on the day of collection and a few days later when I returned to deliver paperwork for an insurance claim for a damaged windscreen they did during repair and the comment I got was “it is impossible with new bearings”. I wrote an email on Friday morning to the technical director for Peugeot Czech Republic and CC’d a list of other Peugeot personnel and its dealers telling him of the worsening condition of my car and requesting what should I do with this failing car, even only after 400 KM and 7 days since its repair, trying to help resolve the situation, but as usual they refuse to reply, as this seems to be their policy hoping I will go away. I also had no response to the second email I sent on Friday afternoon in which I wrote that I can only drive it until it fails if they will not advise or help me? I suggested that I will take pictures of the car being towed way by Peugeot Assistance and forward these to him and that it will be embarrassing for him, AV Cars and Peugeot when it finally breaks down, yet still no response! Basically I am tired for spending my last 21 months complaining about this and being treated like some leper, all I want is a car that works, safety of my family and with some small amount of customer service, none of which I have yet received. I want to find as many places as possible to publicise this as I feel the car will breakdown very shortly and I don’t want to give them the car again to inspect and repair, then returning it saying there is nothing wrong again, thus covering their past mistakes! I have many documents and emails to prove what I am saying is true, PLUS now I have an extremely noisy car developing lots of vibrations thanks to their current repairs!
  6. Nafta 406 1.9 (8bdhxe)? KM/LT??

    Ahoy, Prosim, nemluvim cesky! Kolik KM / Litre Nafta 1.9 turbo?? (Sorry, I do not speak Czech.) Dekuji. Neil [upravil dne 12.12.05 jonesnewton] [upravil dne 12.12.05 jonesnewton] [upravil dne 12.12.05 jonesnewton]