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  1. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    No eolys, this was the price for 30k maintenance- oil change filters and the adblue refill. All good after service , there are 30km extra but I guessit was testing the car...
  2. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    Thanks for the link, I will buy them eventually. Time for AdBlue refill, warning says I have to refill in 400km or the car will not start. Considering I have 23k now, I will do both the yearly inspection and the Adblue refill with V-GROUP which will cost an amazing 10.000czk. The first inspection should be changing oil and filters I believe + the Adblue refill - is it me or it's on the really expensive side?
  3. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    Definitely needs to be taken care of before I switch again to winter boots. Looks like the winter one do not have the special valves to be read by the sensors. I was quoted around 7000czk for the valves and mounting them...
  4. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    Switched to summer tyres on 19 inches wheels, TPMS issue is solved. 22k km already, no visible issues, fuel economy is 7,2 in the last 5000km..
  5. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    No news for the TPMS, anyone around Kladno with a repair shop and a Lexia diagnosys so we can reset/ check the sensors and the valves? The old 406 coupe needs to go, it's for sale at a good price , if anyone is interested.
  6. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    Thanks for the suggestion, the TPMS warning is back for 2 weeks now, dealer says it's because of sensors and it will be gone when I switch to summer tyres back. In other news, 5000km have passed and no issues other than the keyless entry which has a habit of randomly not working and the fact that I am unable to fold the side mirrors from the button on the door . Electronics are annoying.
  7. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    Thanks for the nice welcome. The 508 got a new set of winter wheels and tires on 17 inches installed for free by the dealer. They washed the car which is nice but once I left after 2km I got my first warning light - of course, TPMS tells me the tires are under inflated. Most probably the sensor did not learn the new wheels and they see some difference. Any idea how to reset the sensors or maybe I should drive it more and they will calibrate correctly at some point?
  8. 508GT- 2nd Peugeot

    Hello, after running 7 years with the 406coupe , due to family reasons I needed to switch to 4 doors so finally decided to stick with Peugeot and try the 508. I went for the GT version because the prices for a new Allure with some options was around the same I paid for this showroom GT. It had 8000km when I took it so for me it is like a new car. Bought the car from V-Group Kladno , had a nice experience with Tomas Brabec from Sales - not sure I got the best possible price for the car still his behavior was really professional and he looks to be a real car enthusiast. I would like to keep some sort if diary of the car and also find out answers to some questions I might have about the car. Here is a picture of both of the Lions..
  9. Service for 406 coupe

    Just sent him a message,it's not important that he cant speak English/I cant speak Czech,I live nearby him apparently and some neighbor can do the talk for me...let's see if he replies..
  10. Service for 406 coupe

    Thanks for the suggestion,I will try to find his contacts on the forum,if you have them around please add them here.
  11. Service for 406 coupe

    Authorized dealer is an option if people have good feedback,I have Domansky around,are they any good?
  12. Service for 406 coupe

    Hello friends,my old lady is..old.I would like to have it serviced in a place where mechanics know what they are doing. What I have in mind- change of oil,filters,liquids and some solution for the wind coming from the drivers window (I believe the rubber fittings need to be changed or the the window needs to be recalibrated). Any recommendation for a place near Kladno or Prague area Nove Butovice,Stodulky? Diky.
  13. Hello guys,I have been a member of this forum since 2009 but as I still dont speak Czech it was just reading stuff no comments. First- thank you for this section,now I am able to discuss things in deep. Second- today March 8th while driving from Bustehrad to Prague I met a silver 406 coupe going same way.We waved at each other of course to say Hi.I was wondering if the guy is a member of this forum ,maybe he speaks english also so we could meet sometimes.I also have a silver 406 coupe for 6 years which needs some love unfortunately.