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Na co su tie relatka P306

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Ake maju bit relatka na tichto miestach v kruzkoch na co su? V navode som to nenasiel. Ked dam Relatko do toho drziaka (zltom kruhu) a zapnem klucik tak cvakne ale neviem na co to moze bit. + tie ostatne su na co?


[upravil dne 6.8.2007 Mahel]

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Tohle jsem nasel v programu Autodata. Pasuje to? :myslim

306 1,6 1998

1 - rain sensor relay 1

2 - rain sensor relay 2

3 - headlamp low beam relay - alarm

4 - electric window relay - rear -> 1998

5 - electric window relay - front/sunroof motor relay

6 - front fog lamps relay

7 - heater blower relay

8 - engine running circuits relay (->1997)

9 - heated rear window timer relay

10 - indicator relay


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Muj pokus o preklad. Snad to nekdo upresni. :roll

1 - destovy senzor, rele 1

2 - destovy senzor, rele 2

3 - alarm rozsvicenych svetel

4 - rele zadnich elektrickych oken

5 - rele prednich elektrickych oken a stresniho okna

6 - predni mlhova svetla

7 - rele topeni ???

8 - tempomat ???

9 - rele vyhrivani zadniho okna

10 - rele ukazatelu ????

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