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Looking for 406 coupe owner in Kladno

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Hello guys,I have been a member of this forum since 2009 but as I still dont speak Czech it was just reading stuff no comments.

First- thank you for this section,now I am able to discuss things in deep.

Second- today March 8th while driving from Bustehrad to Prague I met a silver 406 coupe going same way.We waved at each other of course to say Hi.I was wondering if the guy is a member of this forum ,maybe he speaks english also so we could meet sometimes.I also have a silver 406 coupe for 6 years which needs some love unfortunately.


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Hi, that is a tough one .. I mean .. There could be literally dozens of 406 coupe but just few in silver finish .. and even fewer with owners relatively active here on the forum. I suggest you start off by browsing through section "Naše káry" (our beloved cars) unfortunately you will probably have to use help of Google translator or something like that. Do not hesitate to ask should any translation be needed ;) Cheers !

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adrian406: Did you notice our club sticker (logo or webpage) on the car? May be it was not a member at all :myslim Also the group on Facebook might be a good place to have a look...

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