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  1. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    not in all, but in lots like to see the people from different countrys unique their 306\'rs btw, did this forum a own 306 meeting in 2012? [Edited on 24/10/11 22:10 by madmadix]
  2. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    @MilanF1: because im interested at 306 all over the world, love this car! @ZoSo: ähm, no! in this moment i wish people have doing this...
  3. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    than happend this in city dont know who was that... second time again! hate those people!!!
  4. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    here some photoshooting last year in autumn. my opinion, the tires a little bit bigger... what do you think about my car?
  5. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    haj, sorry guys, work work work... now 4 weeks holiday :D:D and yes, the plate is real! without money or somethink, take THIS plate because it was free here in my country my 306 diesel has \"D 306\" on his plate here some random photoshooting after cleaning:
  6. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    my shock absorber at the rear get damaged. think i can change this think in 30min. hehe, ununfortunately no...! this think is the bad guy who cost me a lot of time damaged too, hose to the \"saugrohrdruckgeber\" (one word more i dont know the name in english). and here this thing from a XSi good for the daily drive. and at least, two random pics [Edited on 1/10/11 13:06 by madmadix]
  7. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    haj, original wheels, et 18 they have. on the pics before with 25mm wheel spacers around. looks very nasty, stability is good too, drives like a gocart but my wheel arches don\'t like this, not without any work on it. tires grinding on the wheel arches with this lowering its to wide, unfortunately...
  8. Jacobsoon ~ 306 ~cabriolet

    haj, car looks fine as well! nice loacations for shootings too! like the leather sets, good work dude. think about lowering and sideskirts?
  9. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    thanks for comment Stifler in moment i think the original red bonnet is the best, maybe i change the bonnet next year again but the original metallic black bonnet dosn\'t look bad?!
  10. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    after a quick cleaning some random shoots new on the car: black bonnet in original peugeot onyx black. also good to see, my black blinkers. let me know what you think for the full shooting-gallerie click on the link: http://www.directupload.net/index.php?mode=user&act=v_gal&id=176474
  11. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    than did this, change my console to a phase 2, looks much better the old one: after, new phase 2: old vs. new:
  12. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    haj dudes, back from a week full of work. now some more pictures from my pug. spring 2010, put my 15\" rims on with some wheel spacers here a pic of my kw coilover, look at the rest of my thread, there is many place to go lower ^^
  13. Greets from Germany

    sure? it is mine i have three 306er\'s more of this one in a few days, after you know my \"Red Baron\"
  14. madmadix first car 306 "The Red Baron"

    agree with that, thanks
  15. Greets from Germany

    args, don\'t see this option to put some link in it, to simple for me now i have it, thanks guys for your help! awesome, wish every forum whould be so great! my avatar is 150*140pix, is this ok too? avatar is not so big, its packed with photoshop and a .png file.